Need money quickly without testing.

BKR is an abbreviation that stands for Bureau Krediet Registration. Anyone who has a BKR listing is considered not worthy of credit and with this status it is very difficult to borrow money. A BKR listing also remains for another five years and during that time your financial creditworthiness may well have improved, but most loan providers do not care.

What options are there?

What options are there?

    • You can always take out a mini loan without review. So if you only need € 500, take out a mini loan.  Keep in mind that you have to repay a mini-bill within a month and that high interest rates are charged.

    • Visit a pawnshop. Here you give a valuable item as collateral and in return you receive a certain amount. There are pawnshops in Amsterdam, Enschede, Almelo, Hengelo, Arnhem, Utrecht, Leiden, Apeldoorn, Delft, The Hague, etc. In short: almost all major cities have a pawnshop or, in other words, a city bank.

    • Always consider whether you actually need the money and if so try first to borrow from friends, family or acquaintances. Amounts above € 500 borrowing without testing is simply an expensive affair and it is never wise to close one gap with the other.

    • Just be honest and tell them that you have a BKR registration. Sometimes it is possible to take out a mortgage or loan despite a BKR registration. Unfortunately, it is true that very high interest rates are being calculated. This is because the lender has to deal with a higher risk. Your creditworthiness is also extensively checked and if in doubt the loan will not take place.

  • When you have a regular income, you can also choose to be in the red on the bank. Often this is possible and via the internet you can possibly increase the space to be in the red.

  • Is the five years that the BKR listing has almost ended? Then ask yourself whether you cannot postpone the purchase until the quotation has disappeared. This will in any case give you a much cheaper loan.

  • Students still have the option of borrowing through the IB group. This means that you receive a monthly amount (supplementary student finance), so no large amount in one go. This is the cheapest way to borrow money, but only possible for students.

  • Apply for credit from a foreign bank. These banks usually do not check whether you have a BKR listing, but they check and double check your creditworthiness. You must then be fairly certain that, despite your listing, you are sufficiently creditworthy to withstand the test.

Always check the lender

Always check the lender

It is wise to take a look at who you are working with, some lenders who do not have a BKR check

Need money quickly without testing no license from the Financial Markets Authority. These illegal lenders often charge all sorts of extra costs such as closing costs, high rising interest rates and compulsory insurance. In addition, such lenders are usually dubious figures who can start using substantial means of pressure when you are in arrears in paying back the loan. So don’t just take out a loan somewhere.