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Knock out the flu

Join the campaign and defeat the flu this winter with just one shot. Best of all? We go to your company to vaccinate your collaborators in the comfort of your facilities, without sacrificing the good service and logistics that characterize us.

Why vaccinate the worker against influenza?

A person with influenza tends to be absent from work for at least 7 days. In addition, you can spread the virus a day or two before you show symptoms, that is, it is possible that it infects your colleagues immediately and work in the office stops.

Benefits of vaccinating in your company:

Thinking of your comfort and the benefit to our companies, we go to your premises and vaccinate all employees. We have a specialized cold chain, logistics plan and qualified human capital. In addition, with our Knock Out Influenza campaign, your workers will have a good time, where they will join in and set an example to more collaborators.

Flu statistics:

According to CDC reports, 20 million people were infected with influenza during 2018. 256 thousand people were hospitalized and of them, 22,300 died.

Do not risk the integrity of your collaborator, vaccinate him and knock out the flu this 2019.

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